Fresh Flowers and a Home Office

Fresh Flowers and a Home Office

I love fresh flowers.  They make me smile ☺

I had a very old, very sad arrangement on my kitchen table that desperately needed replacing, so I grabbed a few nice blooms from the florist and a cheap bunch from the supermarket to fill out the arrangement.  I also had some gum stems that were still fine from the last arrangement.

A fresh bunch of flowers always gives me the urge to clean house ? (take note husband!?)

I had fun styling a little set up on my kitchen island.

And now for a Cappuccino in my favorite Anthropologie mug

That’s all the pretty things for today…now I’m going to show you some ugly ?

Our study/office has looked like this pretty much since the day we moved into this house about 7 weeks ago!  My husband and I talked about it last night and we decided this is at the top of the “to do” list now, as I need to get it set up to use for my business.  I’m a font designer and digital artist (see my Creative Market shop here and my work has suffered quite a bit over the big move to this house, so I urgently need to get back into it again, hence the need for my desktop computer to be set up and a space I can work in.

Yep.  It’s a disaster!  But not for long!  Check back next week for the study / office reveal! ?

P.S. – This is our weather at the moment ?

And yes – just in case you were wondering – they are unplanted, dying trees ?  Long story.