The baby’s bedroom and the Master ensuite

The baby’s bedroom and the Master ensuite

Good morning!

So..where to start!?  Ok – we are trying to work on the most urgent projects at the moment, so things that need to be finished for practical reasons, as opposed to “making things pretty” (although anyone who knows me knows that I prefer to work on the “pretty” things rather than the “practical” things…so this is kinda hard ?)

Unfinished Cot

First up – our baby boys bedroom.  The poor baby is still sleeping in the bassinet in the pram and he’s far too big for it, so finishing painting and top coating the cot has been at the top of the list.  We (meaning my husband ?) finished painting the top coat on the cot last Saturday (we used Annie Sloan chalk paint in French Linen) and all that needed to be done to finish it is slap on a quick coat of Fusion Clear Tough Coat (we used the Fusion brand but you can also use the Miss Mustard Seed Tough Coat)  This coating drys to a beautiful matte smooth finish and protects the paint from bumps and bangs.

Fusion Tough Coat

Anyway – here’s the bedroom as it is right now.  Sort of finished but still some work to do.  The cot will be finished today, but I will give the tough coat a few days to harden before I make the cot up with bedding and put the little cherub to sleep in it.

Baby boy bedroom

As you can see we painted the change table in the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint too, and I actually finished that with a coat of White Wax (I used the Miss Mustard Seed brand – so soft!) but waxing all those spindles is SUCH a pain, so we decided to just go with the Tough Coat for the cot – much quicker and easier!

Baby Boys Bedroom

I’ll show you all the details of the room in a few days when we have it all set up properly.  Those curtains are temporary (very cheap thin Ikea curtains)  Soon I would like to make some soft fold roman shades with a grey trim – something like this…

Roman Shades

And we will also do a very small amount of wallpaper on the window wall surrounding the window.  Probably something like this…

Kalahari Vignettes Wallpaper

But the new shades and the wallpaper will have to wait for now…as we have other much more “practical” projects to finish first (such as the garage that doesn’t even fit a car in at the moment ?)

Master Bathroom

This is the other room that we are working on…our Master ensuite.  It has unpainted cornice, Window shutters that are just sitting in the window frame because the window frame and trim hasn’t been painted.  The door and door frame haven’t been painted, but most annoying of all – none of the towel rails or toilet roll holder or mirror have been installed!  (enter wet towels dumped on floor every night ?) So – we’ve started working on installing the towel rails.  Should be a simple job right?  Wrong. Our wall tiles (which are absolutely beautiful!) are very thick, very hard porcelain.  That means they are very very hard to drill thru.  You need special drill bits (diamond tip), water, a slow setting on a drill, and a lot of patience.  This little tool my brother-in-law loaned us is very handy – suctions onto the tiles and stops the drill bit slipping around on the tile surface when you are first trying to break thru the tile.

Please excuse the blurry pic.

So by tonight we will have the towel ring and hopefully the toilet roll holder up, and the rest should be done by the end of the week!

Talk soon! ☺