Happy Birthday Husband

Happy Birthday Husband

Today is my husbands 36th birthday ?

I had some fun wrapping up his gifts.

And today I’m having fun setting up a birthday tablescape and making a chocolate layer cake!  Check back tomorrow for those pics.

In other news – progress!  Small things but it’s all progress!  The hand towel ring, toilet roll holder, and mirror are all up in the master ensuite!  Just the long double towel rail to go, which is going up this afternoon.

Yep.  That’s a toilet roll.  I know – not normally a blog worthy photo.  Nevermind.

Aaaannd…Our chandeliers have FINALLY been connected up and are working!  Yay!  (I purchased our chandeliers from USA and our electrician wouldn’t connect them and sign off on them, so we had to call another electrician in who was happy to check them out and ok them for us, and he finally made it back today to connect them up)

(scuse the poor phone photos – just took a few quick snapshots to celebrate ?)

This is my completely unstyled messy dining room.  More photos on that another day.  But the lights people – the lights are working!

Kitchen Island chandeliers.  I know – some are a bit wonky, but hey – perfect is over rated ?

Front entry chandelier.  This one is my favorite out of them all.

Oh – and we finally have a doorbell ?

I know.  Wonky. Again.  But done is better than perfect.  ?

And the last bit of good news for the morning – our home phone and internet is finally up and working again.  The phone has never worked since we moved in, and the internet cut off suddenly on Monday, so it’s awesome to have it all working again.

Talk soon ☺